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Are you a cell phone network?

What type of coverage does your network provide?

Can I use my own phone with Airtime?

Can I port an existing number to Airtime?

How soon after my purchase will I get my items in the mail?

How do I know which SIM card I need for my phone?

Pricing, Usage, and Overages

How much does Airtime cost?

What happens when talk/text/data runs out?

Are there overage charges?

AirControl Customer Portal


How do I access the AirControl customer portal?

I forgot my password! How do I reset it?

Do I use the same account username/password for the AirControl customer portal as I did for ordering the phone plans/SIM cards?

Do I need to wait until I get the SIM cards/phones before I login to the AirControl customer portal?

Do you have an AirControl app?


How do the sliders work?

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