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5 Apps Your Kids Want to Play On Your Next Road Trip

I am the youngest of four children. Back when I was a kid, in the dark ages before cell phones, we had to entertain ourselves on long road trips. Being the youngest, I was usually relegated to laying down across the "hump" on the ground. These were hard times folks. There were definitely some games that could keep my family entertained though, and we actually arrived at our destination still liking each other (most of the time). 

These days, you can still play those same family games you grew up with, with the help of some apps! Instead of just staring at individual screens, you can use these to grow closer to your family on your next road trip!

License Plate Game - Everyone's favorite road trip game! Check out each passing car, and try to find license plates for all 50 states! You can play as a whole family, and just keep track on one phone, or individually and whoever sees the plate first gets to count it! (Android, iOS)

Bingo - Much like the license plate game, road trip bingo will ask you to find items outside of your car windows. This will have animals, street signs, types of cars, etc. Don't forget to shout BINGO once you have found all the items! (Android, iOS)

MadLibs - Sure to bring laughter to ANY road trip, MadLibs has an official app! There are a ton of different stories to choose from, and you won't have to keep erasing to use the same story over and over again. (Android, iOS)

HeadsUp! - This game from Ellen DeGeneres really is a lot of fun. You load the game up on your phone and then put it on your head while it changes things you need to guess. The person who can see the item on your head has to give you clues so you can guess what it is. This would be fun to play by breaking your family into teams. (Android, iOS)

General Travel Games - Having a hard time remembering games you used to play as a kid? Want to find some new travel games to play? These apps can help you by explaining various games and letting you keep the score within the app. From I Spy to Who Am I and more, you will definitely not run out of things to do with this one. (Android, iOS)

Most of these games also do not require an internet connection to work, so they are perfect for those "out in the middle of nowhere" locations! Just make sure you get them downloaded before you head out on the road. I'm just glad I don't have to lay across the hump on the ground anymore!

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