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Is Your Child Addicted To Technology?

We live in a world where technology is literally all around us. Whether it's the phone in your hand, the TV in your family room, or the computer in the kitchen, it is a hard thing to avoid. Technology addiction is a real thing, however, and we need to be vigilant about noticing the warning signs of addiction. 

Isolation - One of the major warning signs of a technology addiction is if your child has problems making friends, or tends to isolate themselves. If they prefer to sit in their room alone as opposed to asking to see if a friend can play, they could be dealing with some level of addiction to technology. 

Quick to Anger - When I notice that my child is starting to have a short fuse with their siblings or even parents, it's definitely time for a technology break! I notice it more when they are playing a video game. When they start to become overly emotional about starting a level over or being asked to pause the game to do something, we shut the device down. Also, notice if they seem to be more aggressive when technology isn't even nearby. They also may completely overreact when the devices are taken away for any reason.

Sleep Issues - This can go either way if your child has difficulties falling asleep, technology addiction can certainly be a cause. It is not the only cause of insomnia though, so make sure you look for additional signs as you work through the reason your child is unable to fall asleep. The other side of this coin is if they are sleeping too much! This could be a sign that they are waking up in the middle of the night to use technology devices, and it is causing them to be overly tired during the day. 

Lack of Focus - Finally if your child is having a hard time paying attention to things that are not technology based, they could be addicted to the technology. This could mean that they are constantly distracted by notifications on their phone, or just thinking about their next "technology fix". When thoughts of using their devices are taking over the rest of their life. 

Once you realize your child is addicted to their device, it is time to do something about it. It is not the time to just take the device away for a while. The behaviors can return as soon as the device is available to them again. It is up to us as parents to be aware of these warning signs and correct our children's behavior when we see it. 

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