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Bring My Own Phone

Bring My Own Phone

As parents ourselves we realize you probably have a pile of old phones sitting around that you let your kids pretend to call each other on. Some might even have heavy amounts of slobber from the baby. We want you to be able to use these phones if they aren't too old and aren't clogged with drool. So bring them over. Run through this list of questions to see if what you have can bring your phone to our system. If you can, then click the "Bring My Own Phone" option as you build your plan and we'll send you the SIM to put in your old phone and you'll be good to go!

At this current moment, we are working towards letting you port your old number over to Airtime, but for now, we can send you a SIM that has a new number on it.

Note: this must be added to the Airtime Plan.


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