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TickTalk 2

TickTalk 2

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TickTalk 2 is the 2nd generation watch phone with GPS monitoring for kids. Updated with advanced technology, new functions and a more user-friendly App. The TickTalk app allows you to add and track multiple watches under the same account. The “Thing To Do Reminders” is a routine-creator to help educate your child good habits and learn time management.

  • TOUCH SCREEN: This newest version of this smart watch comes with a high resolution touch panel with bigger icon design to make using it easy for kids.
  • PHONE CALLS: Provides two-way communication between a phone and the TickTalk. You can program up to 13 Contacts into the phone.
  • 3-Way Locator:The TickTalk 2 uses a GPS+Wifi+LBS 3-way locator to provide the accurate location for indoors and outdoors in real time. Knowing where your child has been by playing back the historical route and choosing the time frame.
  • COMPATIBILITY: The TickTalk 2 is compatible with T-Mobile, Metro PCS, and Ultra Mobile GSM SIM cards.
  • 12-HOUR REGULAR TIME:The new TickTalk 1.0S is upgraded the time to 12-hour regular time instead of military time.
  • Text Message:One-way text message from the App to the TickTalk 2.
  • Voice Message:Two-way voice message between the TickTalk 2 and the App.
  • SOS:If your child is in trouble, he/she can either touch the SOS icon on the screen or hold the SOS button for 3 seconds to call the preset phone number.
  • SUPER HEARING:When it's in use, the TickTalk will automatically call the preset Listener's phone number, the Listener can hear what's going on but the watch will be in silent mode. 
  • Thing To Do Reminder:Up to 50 Things To Do Reminders, help parents create routines and tasks for your child. It will show a lovely icon with ringtone on the watch end to remind your child when time is up. It helps kids learn to follow a schedule, good habits and time management.
  • Steps:The TickTalk 2 has a built in pedometer to count steps. Parents can set fitness goals for kids. Exercise benefits every part of the body, including the mind.
  • User Friendly App:Our new look App is more user friendly and easier to set up. It allows you to add multiple watches under the same account. It comes with regular map mode and satellite map mode for viewing. One click to navigate from your location to the kid’s location.
  • FIREWALL:When the TickTalk 2 firewall is ON, TickTalk can make or receive phone calls from the preset contacts ONLY.


Dimension of Main Body: 50 × 40 × 15.5mm

Frequency Main Frequency: 360 MHz

GSM Antenna: FPC

GPS, WIFI Antenna: GPS ceramic antenna FPC

SIM Card Slot: Micro SIM Socket × 1

LCD Size & Material: 1.22 inches touch screen, TFT

LCD Resolution: 240 × 240 dpi

Standby Time: 3 Days

Input: 1000 mAh / 5V

GSM Band: Antenna for 2 Bands Quad-Band 850/900/

1800/1900 Support

Data Transfer: GPRS、EDGE

SIM Card Size: Micro SIM card

Memory: RAM 128Mbits / ROM 32Mbits

Transfer: BT 3.0 Support BR/EDR/BLE ( Dual Mode )

/ WIFI Support 802.11 b/g/n,BCM43362

Locate: GPS / WiFi / LBS Support

Sensor: G- Sensor and Light Sensor Support

*Service requires activation and includes waiver of $5 monthly subscription cost for first month and $5 towards talk, text and data for the device.

$149.99 [14999]


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